Galanz Air Fry Microwave: The Ultimate Kitchen Appliance for Healthy and Delicious Meals!

The Galanz Air Fry Microwave is a high-quality home appliance that combines the functions of a microwave and an air fryer. It offers modern features, including auto programs, convection cooking, and defrosting capabilities.

With its sleek stainless steel countertop design and 900 watts of power, this microwave is a versatile and efficient addition to any kitchen. It is available for purchase at various retailers, including Walmart and Amazon, with prices ranging from $98.

00 to $119. 99. Galanz is a reputable brand known for producing reliable and durable appliances, making the Air Fry Microwave a good choice for those in search of a multi-functional cooking appliance.

Features And Functionality

The Galanz Air Fry Microwave is a versatile kitchen appliance that combines the functionality of an air fryer, microwave, and convection oven, allowing you to cook a variety of meals with ease. Let’s dive into the features and functionality that make this appliance stand out.

Air Frying Capabilities

With its air frying capabilities, the Galanz Air Fry Microwave allows you to enjoy crispy and delicious fried food without the need for excess oil. Its powerful air frying technology circulates hot air around the food, ensuring an even and crispy finish. Whether you want to enjoy crispy fries, chicken wings, or even onion rings, this appliance can deliver the desired results.

Convection And Microwave Cooking

The Galanz Air Fry Microwave combines the power of convection and microwave cooking to provide you with a wide range of cooking options. The convection feature allows for even baking and roasting, while the microwave function ensures efficient and speedy cooking. Whether you need to bake a cake, roast a chicken, or simply reheat leftovers, this appliance has got you covered.

Auto Programs And Settings

The Galanz Air Fry Microwave comes with a variety of pre-programmed settings and auto-cook programs that take the guesswork out of cooking. These settings are designed to optimize cooking time and temperature for specific food items, making it easy for anyone to achieve delicious results. From popcorn to pizza and everything in between, you can simply select the desired program and let the appliance do the rest.

Additionally, this appliance offers various settings such as defrost, reheat, and auto cook, making it convenient for everyday cooking needs. The defrost setting allows you to safely and quickly thaw frozen food, while the reheat function warms up your leftovers to perfection. The auto cook feature provides hassle-free cooking by automatically adjusting the cooking time and power level based on the food item you choose.

Galanz Air Fry Microwave
Galanz Air Fry Microwave

How-to Guide

Welcome to our comprehensive How-To Guide for the Galanz Air Fry Microwave. This user-friendly appliance combines the functions of an air fryer, convection oven, and microwave, allowing you to enjoy a variety of cooking options with ease. In this guide, we will walk you through the key features and functions of the Galanz Air Fry Microwave, ensuring that you can make the most out of this versatile kitchen tool.

How To Use The Air Fryer

The Galanz Air Fry Microwave is equipped with a powerful air frying feature, which allows you to achieve crispy and delicious results without the need for excessive oil. Follow these simple steps to air fry your favorite dishes:

  1. Place your food in the air fryer basket, ensuring that it is not overcrowded.
  2. Select the desired cooking temperature using the control panel.
  3. Set the cooking time based on the recipe or your preferences.
  4. Press the start button to begin the air frying process.
  5. For even cooking, pause the air fryer midway to shake or flip the food.
  6. Once the cooking cycle is complete, carefully remove the basket using oven mitts or tongs.
  7. Enjoy your crispy and golden air-fried creations!

Cooking With Convection And Microwave

The Galanz Air Fry Microwave also offers convection and microwave cooking functions, allowing you to prepare a wide range of dishes quickly and efficiently. Here’s how to utilize these features:

  1. To cook with convection, select the desired temperature and cooking time using the control panel.
  2. Place your food on the appropriate baking tray or rack, making sure it is evenly distributed.
  3. Insert the tray or rack into the oven cavity.
  4. Press the start button to begin the convection cooking process.
  5. Monitor the cooking progress through the oven window and adjust the time or temperature if necessary.
  6. Once the cooking cycle is complete, carefully remove the tray or rack using oven mitts.
  7. If you prefer to use the microwave function, simply select the desired power level and cooking time on the control panel.
  8. Place your food in a microwave-safe container and cover it to retain moisture.
  9. Press the start button to initiate the microwave cooking process.
  10. Give the food a stir or rotation halfway through to ensure even heating.
  11. Once the cooking cycle is finished, let the food stand for a few minutes before serving.

Auto Programs And Reheating

The Galanz Air Fry Microwave comes with convenient auto programs that take the guesswork out of cooking various dishes. These predetermined settings ensure optimal cooking results and save you time in the kitchen. To use the auto programs:

  1. Refer to the user manual to determine which auto program matches your desired dish.
  2. Select the corresponding program on the control panel.
  3. Enter the weight or portion size of the food if prompted.
  4. Press the start button to activate the auto program.
  5. Allow the microwave to automatically adjust the cooking time and power level for perfect results.

Additionally, the Galanz Air Fry Microwave offers convenient auto reheating options. Whether you want to warm up leftovers or reheat a slice of pizza, simply select the appropriate reheating program and let the microwave take care of the rest.

With these helpful tips and the user-friendly features of the Galanz Air Fry Microwave, you can easily achieve delicious results while saving time and energy in the kitchen. Discover the endless possibilities of this versatile appliance and elevate your cooking experience.

Brand Reputation

When it comes to the brand reputation of Galanz, it is evidence that the company has made a remarkable impact in the home appliances industry. The impeccable quality of their products and their commitment to innovation have earned them a stellar reputation among consumers and experts alike. Let’s delve deeper into what makes Galanz a reputable brand and how their products stand out in terms of quality and range.

Galanz As A Reputable Brand

Galanz has securely established itself as a trusted brand in the home appliances market. Their dedication to producing top-notch products has garnered widespread praise from customers and industry professionals. The brand’s credibility and consistency in delivering excellence have contributed to its reputable standing in the market.

Quality And Range Of Products

The quality of Galanz’s products is unquestionable. Whether it’s their refrigerators, cooktops, or microwaves, every appliance is crafted with precision and incorporates modern features that cater to the evolving needs of consumers. Additionally, the brand offers an extensive range of products to meet diverse requirements, ensuring that there is something for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Galanz Air Fry Microwave

Q: How Do You Air Fry In A Galanz Microwave?

To air fry in a Galanz microwave, follow the instructions in their “How-To” video. It explains how to use the air fryer function and other cooking features like convection and auto programs. Make sure to avoid using aluminum foil in the air fryer.

Q: Is Galanz Brand Good?

Yes, Galanz is a good brand. It’s well established with a strong reputation for producing high-quality home appliances. They offer a wide range of modern products at competitive prices.

Q: Do Air Fry Microwaves Work Well?

Air fry microwaves work well, providing efficient cooking results. They combine the convenience of a microwave with the crisping abilities of an air fryer, making them versatile kitchen appliances. They are relatively new on the market, but lab tests have shown that some models perform exceptionally well.

Q: Can You Put Aluminum Foil In An Air Fryer Microwave?

Yes, you can put aluminum foil in an air fryer microwave. Just remember to keep it away from the heating element, secure it to prevent it from blowing around, and avoid using it with acidic ingredients.


The Galanz Air Fry Microwave offers versatility and convenience for modern cooking needs. Whether it’s air frying, using convection, or traditional microwave cooking, this appliance is a valuable addition to any kitchen. With affordable pricing and efficient performance, the Galanz Air Fry Microwave is a worthwhile investment for anyone looking to enhance their cooking experience.

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